Photo: Alliance Films

Photo: Alliance Films

Chris Luckett

For the first day since the opening night, only one film was screened tonight: the Canadian thriller Inescapable.


This was a special screening of the movie, before it opens nationwide across Canada and possibly the U.S. It would be nice to be able to say nice things about the movie, since Canada doesn’t produce the quantity of films other countries do — but Inescapable is just too mediocre to recommend.

Much like another recent movie, Inescapable involves an ex-government agent/father whose daughter is kidnapped in a foreign country, so he must go there and track her down in a one-man brigade. (Just replace France with Syria.) Whether it’s the larger quantity of conversation and pontificating or the lack of a budget for many action scenes, Inescapable does occasionally feel like a Canadian Taken. Unfortunately, more often than not, it more feels like a Canadian Not Without My Daughter.

Admirable work from the three leads (Alexander Siddig, Joshua Jackson, and Marisa Tomei) keeps the movie afloat for the film’s duration, but the writing is downright sloppy. Characters suddenly have knowledge they didn’t have in the scene prior, characters disappear and are nonchalantly mentioned as dead in the next; it felt like the editor had excised entire scenes that were fundamental to the plot, leaving gaping plot holes and mind-blowing continuity errors.

If there’s a reason to see Inescapable, it’s the acting, especially from Siddig as the father forced to face his Syrian past in order to retrieve his daughter. Beyond that, it’s simply adequate.

Day 6 will have screenings of We Have a Pope, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and Safety Not Guaranteed.

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