Photo: The Weinstein Company

Photo: The Weinstein Company

Chris Luckett

Today’s sole film was also arguably its most widely anticipated. Among other accolades, The Intouchables won Best Actor at the Cesar Awards, was nominated for another eight Cesars, and is the only film of the 2012 AGH BMO World Film Festival to be on IMDb’s elite Top 250 list. Is it worth the hype? For the most part, actually, yes.


The Intouchables tells the story of Philippe (Francois Cluzet), an incredibly wealthy quadriplegic who needs to hire a new live-in caretaker. Despite all the “qualified” applicants, Philippe chooses to hire Driss (Omar Sy), a young man who only showed up to get a signature for welfare. The two form the kind of unlikely friendship that’s pretty likely in movies like this.

If I can lobby a criticism against the movie, it’s that it tries too hard to be a people-pleaser. It unfortunately sometimes slips into the treacly territory of saccharine bonding flicks like The Bucket List or Finding Forrester. And between the two leads, the movie is able to be marketed towards white people, black people, rich people, poor people, old people, young people, and people with disabilities. It’s very convenient when movies are able to reach every conceivable demographic.

That said, it’s really more of a quibble than anything. The movie is a wondrously fun experience, even when things get sad. While there are definite weaknesses to being a feel-good movie, there are also perks; when it works well, it takes you through a range of emotions and leaves you fulfilled. The Intouchables will make you laugh, and it will make you cry, and by the end, it will make you feel good.

Day 8 of the WFF will feature Trishna and Headhunters.

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