REVIEW: We’re the Millers

Photo: Warner Bros.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Chris Luckett

We’re the Millers is the type of comedy that has a simultaneously convenient and convoluted set-up. Like Hot Tub Time Machine or Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, We’re the Millers is built upon a dumb idea that requires a large suspension of logic and disbelief from the audience. Just like those movies, though, if you can do that, you’re in for a great time.

Jason Sudeikis plays a small-time pot dealer named David. David lives in an apartment building where he flirts with Rose (Jennifer Aniston), his stripper neighbour, and tries to ignore Kenny (Will Poulter), the awkward virgin living down the hall. One night, Kenny tries to stop some thugs in an alley from mugging Casey (Emma Roberts), a homeless girl he spots across the street. David joins to try and help, but ends up having all of his money and inventory stolen.

Now deep in debt to a drug kingpin played by Ed Helms, he’s given one chance to save his life: he has to go down to Mexico, drive up a shipment of marijuana in an RV, and deliver it to clear his debt. Since one man crossing the American border in an RV could be suspicious, David recruits Rose, Kenny, and Casey to pretend to be his family on a road trip.

By this point in the review, you already know whether or not you’ll like We’re the Millers. If the ridiculous set-up is too much, the movie isn’t going to deliver. But if you can go along with it, the movie is full of great comedy.

Sudeikis is hysterical as David, hitting the perfect notes between being a sarcastic jerk and affably sincere. Aniston shows herself to be game for anything, mostly shedding memories of her Friends character. Poulter and Roberts are both excellent in their roles, and the four work together remarkably well. It’s almost a shame the movie doesn’t naturally lend itself to an easy sequel.

We’re the Millers delivers lots of laughs and finds fresh humour in often ridiculous or cliche situations. A lot of the debt for the comedy’s success goes to the cast, although the writing is pretty sharp, too. It’s not the best comedy of the year so far – The To-Do List still wears that crown – but as far as entertaining and laugh-inducing comedies go, We’re the Millers does what it does very well.

4 stars / 5

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