RANKED: Steven Spielberg – An Introduction

Photo: Steve Bukley/Shutterstock

Photo: Steve Bukley/Shutterstock

Chris Luckett

There are different trains of thought as far as the greatest film director of all time goes, but the general consensus on the greatest living one always ultimately centers on one man and one man only: Steven Spielberg.

Over the last four decades, Spielberg has proven a master at both art and entertainment. Three of his movies have, at one time or another, held the title of Highest-Grossing Film of All Time, and his movies have grossed an inflation-adjusted total of $7.9 billion.

Despite his popular appeal, Spielberg’s films have also won critical accolades and awards. His 28 theatrical features have been nominated for a total of 124 Oscars, including nine nominations for Best Picture.

The month of June has had more Spielberg movies released within its 30 days than any other month (excluding the Oscar-baiting month of December). In honour of Spielberg’s extensive catalogue and profound impact over the nearly half-century of his feature films, The Apple Box will be ranking every movie of Spielberg’s from worst to best, over the course of June.

Movie #28 of RANKED: Steven Spielberg will be posted tomorrow morning, with a new movie every day of the month, until the final reveal of the greatest movie from the greatest living film director, Steven Spielberg.

Check back tomorrow to see the currently worst movie of the currently best movie director.