RANKED: Steven Spielberg (#26 – Always)

Photo: Universal Pictures

Photo: Universal Pictures

Chris Luckett

26. ALWAYS (1989)

Release Date: December 22, 1989

Chronology: 1989 was the first year in which Spielberg had two movies come out, having released Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade seven months earlier. Hook would follow two years later.

Box Office: $44 million ($84 million, adjusted for inflation)

Oscars: No nominations

Premise: A cocky pilot dies, but can’t move on until he helps his grieving, widowed girlfriend move on and find the value of love again.

Over two hours?: By two minutes, yes

John Williams Score?: Yes

Father Issues?: Nope

War?: Not this time

Aliens?: None

Special Appearance: Audrey Hepburn

Fun Fact: Audrey Hepburn donated her entire $1,000,000 salary for Always to UNICEF.

Best Line: “I love you, Pete… but I’m not enjoying it.”

Best Scene: 

Verdict: The movie’s first problem is having an incredibly unlikeable protagonist. Its second is its overly sentimental and saccharine tone. The fact the movie’s boring, to boot, doesn’t help matters. Good supporting performances from John Goodman and Holly Hunter can’t make up for Dreyfuss’s grumpiness.

Rating: 3 stars / 5