CORE STORY: Cineplex opening revolutionary 3-screen theatres across Canada

Photo: Barco

Photo: Barco

Chris Luckett

After introducing stadium seating, UltraAVX screens, and D-Box motion to Canadian moviegoers, Cineplex is poised to bring another paradigm shift to their theatres.

Cineplex is teaming up with Barco to open three-screen theatres, creating an immersive, wrap-around image. Three separate projectors project three separate images on the screens, similar to Cinerama in the ’50s and ’60s.

The deal with Barco will begin with three theatres, creating “Barco Escape auditoriums” in Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

The cutting-edge theatres will debut in time for the July 22 release of Star Trek Beyond, which has been expanded an extra 20 minutes for moviegoers willing to make the extra journey and pay the extra surcharge for the Barco Escape experience.

While only the Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver sites have been revealed, Barco plans to have fifty Escape auditoriums open across Canada in time for Star Trek Beyond.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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