OSCARS 2018: Nomination Predictions

Photo: EPA

Image: EPA

Chris Luckett

This morning at the crack of dawn, a half-dozen of Hollywood’s elite will announce to the world the nominations for the 90th Academy Awards. What movies can you expect to be up for the treasured trophies this year? It’s a more contentious year than most, but while the winners are likely to hold some unpredictable surprises this year, it’ll be the same batch of movies showing up in category after category.

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A SECOND OPINION: Beauty and the Beast

Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Lauren Luckett

The worst part about being married to a chef, I imagine, would be losing the ability to eat your favourite foods — the new, more experienced, palate would make old favourites feel bland.

The same goes for being married to a film critic. The cheesy flicks you once loved are now ruined because your darling spouse has pointed out the lacklustre script, the bad lighting, or that crew member standing in the background of the eighth scene. Chris can spend two hours watching a movie, then another two telling me what was wrong with it.

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