REVIEW: Jason Bourne

Photo: Universal Pictures

Photo: Universal Pictures

Chris Luckett

The fourth Bourne movie was way better than you remember.

The Bourne Legacy, the Jeremy Renner-starring side-quel to the original trilogy of Matt Damon’s forgetful spy, was the Ghostbusters reboot of 2012. It was torn to pieces before it even entered theatres, so despite good reviews, Bourne #4 is now barely mentioned (and when it is, usually in whispered tones, as if it’s the shameful secret of the Bourne series).

Regardless of whether you think The Bourne Legacy was over- or underrated, even those who’d prefer to forget its existence will find Matt Damon’s return to the fold after nine years, Jason Bourne, the worst in the series.

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CORE STORY: Dwayne Johnson joining Bourne universe

Photo: Universal Pictures

Photo: Universal Pictures

Chris Luckett

Because connected movie universes are all the rage now (and because author Robert Ludlum left a plethora of spy novels before his passing fifteen years ago) the world will soon see an expanded Ludlum Cinematic Universe — and Dwayne Johnson is ready to roll.

Johnson will be starring in The Janson Directive for Universal Pictures, as well as executive producing it and subsequent LCU movies.

The Janson Directive‘s plot will revolve around Paul Janson, a former covert-ops agent who comes out of his security consultant retirement when he’s framed for a horrendous crime, teaming up with a former protege sent to kill him.

Two more films are in the pipeline, with more intended to follow. While Johnson is attached to be EP of those as well, it’s unconfirmed whether he’ll also be the star of them yet. If Universal does take that route, Ludlum wrote four sequels to The Janson Directive, which will provide plenty of source material.

With Matt Damon returning to the Ludlum fold this July in Jason Bourne, this also  sets up the possibility that Damon may join the LCU. It’s unclear if Damon’s portrayal will be incorporated into Universal’s newly established universe or ignored in favour of a new Jason Bourne in the near future.

(It’s possible they could replace Damon for a fresher face, like Warner Bros. swapping Christian Bale out for Ben Affleck when it came time to bring Batman into their connected DC universe.)

If the current Bourne series does become directly tied into Universal’s LCU, it will also open the door for Jeremy Renner to return as Aaron Cross, the protagonist of 2012’s The Bourne Legacy.

No release date for The Janson Directive has been set.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)