GUEST COLUMN: Horrible Movies I Love (National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1)

Photo: New Line Cinema

Photo: New Line Cinema

Kevin M. Griffiths

It’s a quandary, really. I mean, what makes a movie horrible? If you find a movie horrible, isn’t it only your opinion? Conversely, if you love a movie, how can it be considered horrible? Yet every day, people talk about movies as being “so bad they’re good.” This blurring of the lines between objectivity and subjectivity keeps discourse on movies and film eternally fascinating.

Naturally, this fascination with opinion made compiling and writing this article a stop-and-start process, wrought with frustration. Would I be able to both trash and praise movies that mean something and entertain me, sometimes in spite of themselves? Would I be able to convey my love for these movies adequately while systematically exposing their faults and failures? Would I change my own mind on how I view movies that I claim are bad, yet love?

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