REVIEW: The F Word

Photo: E1 Entertainment

Photo: E1 Entertainment

Chris Luckett

In the last two decades, romantic comedies have learned to add drama, killer music, and realistic dialogue to create richer and more evocative experiences on film. (See: Chasing Amy, High Fidelity, Garden State, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and 500 Days of Summer.) (Seriously, see them.)

The F Word (or the more generically titled What If, in the U.S.) follows that same path, but still manages to keep one foot planted in the mentality of pre-‘90s rom-coms like When Harry Met Sally… and Moonstruck. Oddly, instead of seeming of two time periods, The F Word finds a happy blend of the two styles and ends up being one of the better romantic comedies of the last few years.

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