REVIEW: 300: Rise of an Empire

Photo: Warner Bros.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Chris Luckett

It’s very easy to mistake something that’s memorable for being good, but one doesn’t necessarily assure the other. (Case in point: White Chicks.) While 300 wasn’t a bad movie, its spectacular visuals blinded many in 2007 to the fact the movie was sloppily plotted and remarkably stupid, with ham-fisted overacting and dodgy accents.

A sequel — or sidequel, really — to the movie that launched the career of Zack Snyder into the stratosphere, 300: Rise is an Empire is a movie few were actively clamouring for, especially with the departure of Snyder from the director’s chair. (Smart People director Noam Murro takes over this time.) Still, it manages to hold its own again the popular original and arguably trumps it.

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