REVIEW: Fantastic Four

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Chris Luckett

Before the rise of the Internet, it was rarely public news when a movie had a troubled production. The last two decades, though, have been filled with troubling reports of production difficulties on movies, from actor blow-ups on the sets of Terminator: Salvation and Cop Out to the re-shuffling of the directors of the Hobbit trilogy and Ant-Man. And unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two weeks, you’ve no doubt heard nothing but rotten things about Fantastic Four.

Fox filmed a completely new third act six months after the movie was done shooting. It was shuffled from a March release date to a June release date to an August release date. Esquire Magazine and Miles Teller got into a Twitter fight over whether or not Teller is “a dick.” And then director Josh Trank, in a tweet heard round the world, trashed his own movie the day before it finally opened.

So how bad is Fantastic Four? Actually, not as bad as you’ve heard. Continue reading